CodySafe Protect Beta

We are happy to announce the Beta release of CodySafe ∫ Protect.

As you could already understand, the CodySafe Protect offers password protection to your flash drive. Your USB flash drive equipped with CodySafe Protect will require password authentication to grant you access to the information. This password protection involves significant changes to the structure of the memory. Therefore it is very important that you read the following information before you launch the installation Wizard.

  1. During installation the memory of your drive will be divided to partitions and reformated. All data stored on the drive will be lost. Please make a copy of the information stored there before you start installation of CodySafe Protect.
  2. Codyssey is not responsible for any damage or loss of information caused by the neglect use of CodySafe Protect or any other of Codyssey's products,
  3. Codyssey is eligible to discontinue Beta testing at any moment without prior notification
  4. This application is hardware-specific, i.e. it requires certain flash drives to operate. CodySafe ∫ Protect may be not compatible with your flash drive. You will be informed on the first step of the Wizard that your drive cannot be protected.
  5. If your drive cannot be upgraded, please do not give up. We will offer suitable solution for protection of your information very soon.

Are you ready to start? Then click on the Download CodySafe Protect Beta link now, and read the next paragraph while it is downloaded.

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