CodySafe FREE highlights

Download CodySafe Free
  • Completely FREE
  • Portable applications
  • Viruses protection
  • Prevent data loss and corruption
  • Automatic execution of application
  • Execution of pre- and post-operation scripts
  • Ability to interface with coming solution

CodySafe Free

CodySafe is simply the best  Portable Applications menu offered for free. This software tool turns your USB portable drive to a computer-on-stick.

Carry your computer programs with you, manage your Portable Applications, launch them on any PC, and leave no footprint behind. Manage your documents, multimedia files and pictures on your removable media. Detect and prevent virus infection with ViruSense and keep drive healthy with Drive Doctor. The drive space gauge will inform on the free-used space ratio and advanced Applications Manager offers you the most convenient way to add, manage and remove portable applications, write pre-and post-run scripts, etc

These and many other useful features make this software product exceptional, stylish and trendy.

It is worth mentioning that it was designed using cutting-edge technologies offering the best experience running under Windows 7.

Simply download CodySafe, install it on your portable drive and get the sense of real portability.

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