Visual and Sound Themes

In YOUR style

Easily customize look and feel

  • Customize CodySafe interface
  • Apply your sounds to core actions
  • Build your own theme just in minutes
  • Another bullet
  • And yet another one bullet

Dont you want to try making your CodySafe?

Visual and Sound Themes

This new feature allows customization of the CodySafe look and feel.

  • Change skins of CodySafe GUI
  • Customize sound effects
  • Change icons
  • Customize colours of background and text in Windows XP
Codyssey offers few free Themes that are available at the download area of the website. You are welcome to offer your Theme in the CodySafe forum. Most popular will be added for download. We believe that the CodySafe community can estimate the true value of the work that you share. We would like also to encourage artists and designers to create a theme and to set the price. We are open to discuss this opportunity with all interested. Please feel free to drop us a line in the Contact Form.
Download  theme to make CodySafe in YOUR style
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