CodySafe ∫ Protect highlights

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  • Password Protection
  • Portable applications
  • Automatic execution of application
  • Execution of pre- and post-operation scripts
  • Applications Search
  • Viruses’ protection
  • Prevent data loss and corruption
  • Ability to interface with coming solution
  • Instant access to hundreds of portable applications

CodySafe ∫ Protect

at a glance...

This software tool offers password protection to your flash drive. It applies significant changes to the memory, protecting its content from access by strangers. After a successful installation you will be able to divide your memory to partitions and to set a password. From this very moment  the information stored on your drive will be available only after you provide the correct password.

It is important to mention that not every thumb drive can be upgraded. This ability strongly depends on the MCU of your drive. This hardware component controls the memory of your USB flash drive. In order to enable the password protection your drive’s controller must support this feature. Your drive will be checked for compatibility during the first step of the CodySafe ∫ Protect installation Wizard. In case that your drive is not compatible you will be offered  another suitable solution for protection of your portable drive.

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