Password Protection

unlock-frontpage_fluxProtect your data

with strong password.

CodySafe ∫ Protect ensures that only you can access your data

  • Easy setup
  • Hardware integration
  • Strong protection
  • Prevent access to your files
  • Password hint

Password Protection

Most of users do not mind keeping information on a USB flash drive. It is cosy and handy; it allows transferring files from one computer to another and keeping all you need in a pocket. Actually users feel comfortable till the moment they first lose their portable drive. Since this very moment they are concerned about their information and they wish they could lock their files with a password.

CodySafe ∫ Protect offers the necessary level of security to your information. It requires password authentication before granting access to the information kept on the pendrive. It offers a user-defined hint that allows you to recall the password.  CodySafe ∫ Protect allows storing contact information of the owner to aid in recovery if you ever lose your drive.

Do not risk your valuable information! Prevent access to your files! Install CodySafe ∫ Protect and get rid of concerns.

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