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  • Portable applications
  • Portable Apps Depot
  • Nested Folders and Categories
  • Same Great Tool with Optimized Performance

Enjoy portability with unconstrained web assets!
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What are you doing with your stick? Do you keep your files there and transfer information from one computer to another like 90% of computer users do? Do you know that your thumb drive allows much more?

With CodySafe Σ you can turn your USB flash drive to a “PC on a stick” – an independent portable system for management of your favorite software applications, your documents, your settings and scripts. You may launch applications on any computer without installation. And no footprints will remain on the computer after your unplug your flash drive with CodySafe Σ.

CodySafe Σ is the best portable drives menu. It allows you to manage, group, sort and launch programs from your USB flash drive in the most convenient and intuitive way. Apps Depot, a new feature integrated with CodySafe Σ enables instant access to the online collection of portable applications, one-click download and immediate installation of the portable application to your CodySafe Σ drive. Among essential features implemented to CodySafe Σ you will enjoy also instant Applications Search, Nested Categories Folders, Context Menu and much more tools.

CodySafe Σ integrates also ViruSense technology for protection of your computer from viruses, a drive space gauge and a handy Find-if-Lost feature that allows you to store owner and contact information to aid in recovery if you ever lose your drive.

We are more than sure that you will love this powerful tool if you have a chance to use it. And we offer this opportunity.
Please feel free to download the Demo Version of CodySafe Σ.

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