Organize your applications in your way

Organize your app in multilevel categories!
Nested Folders

make structure clear

  • Create Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Create Groups and Sub-Groups ad infinitum
  • Assign Applications to Groups and Categories
  • Manage Portable Apps with Ease
  • Find and Launch Application in second

Nested Categories

Organizing applications structure with clear hierarchy is one of very useful features demanded by our customers. CodySafe Σ allows detailed grouping and categorizing of applications in the menu, creation and nesting of applications groups and sub-groups ad infinitum. Of course it may become more unwieldy to retrieve them, but the applications search feature will help finding an application in a second

Nothing is as simple as making sub-group and nesting them. All the user needs is:
  • to open Applications Manager,
  • to select the application and
  • to write the desired path in the Group field, separating folders with the slash symbol.
Thus, for example, the Group attribute of IcoFix application on the screenshot is set as following Graphics\Editors\Icon Editors

Nested Folders Setup

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