CodySafe Σ

CodySafe Integral Protect

CodySafe Σ is an ultimate tool for portable drives, turning a regular USB flash drive to a “Computer On a Stick”. It is the best in the industry portable applications launcher and USB menu tool.

CodySafe Σ integrates Apps Depot – a unique feature allowing instant access to hundreds of portable applications. Apps Depot enables one-click download and installation of portable application from the online collection. You can save extra space on your drive, carrying only essential applications. As soon as you need a software program that is not presented on your thumb drive you can launch the Apps Depot, download and install any of hundreds of portable applications with just one click.

CodySafe Σ offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use, fitting any level of user proficiency.  You will certainly enjoy operating your thumb drive with its new extended capabilities.


$ 9.90

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