CodySafe for YOU

CodySafe offers you the freedom of portability, granting safety to your information and peace of mind to you. Being equipped with CodySafe, any USB flash drive turns to a key to the virtually portable world.

CodySafe suggests the most convenient way to carry, manage and launch portable applications from a flash drive without installing them on a host computer. It provides unique opportunity of getting instant access to hundreds of free portable applications, one-click download and setup. It combines web tools and applications with portable launcher interface to enhance its capabilities to virtually unconstrained.
CodySafe keeps your applications categorized in hierarchical way and allows to find and to launch app within a second.  
CodySafe is the answer to all your concerns about your portable information, your portable drives and portable applications

As you could notice, some different products are merged under the same “CodySafe” name with different extensions on purpose. They all are joined under one brand name because they all serve the very same idea – to protect your portable information while providing maximum convenience and outstanding usability.

You are free to browse through the collection of CodySafe products, to learn about their capabilities, to compare editions and to pick the most suitable for you.

CodySafe Σ

CodySafe Σ gives you a sense of virtual portability. It integrates Apps Depot, the solution enabling instant access to the world widest library of portable applications, combining also other web services and applications.
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CodySafe ∫ Protect

Along with all features offered by other CodySafe software, CodySafe ∫ Protect tool allows user to set a password to protect portable drive. This powerful security tool ensures that user information will remain safe even if he or she loses the drive.
Read more about protection of USB drives

CodySafe Solid Crypto

Provides the highest level of protection to user’s portable applications and portable information through the military grade encryption. Every bit of information that is stored within this portable drive is AES-256 bit hardware encrypted.
CodySafe Solid Crypto - More info
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