Installation of CodySafe Protect

Instructions for installation of CodySafe Protect Beta:

Step 1: Download CodySafe Protect Initialization Wizard

Step 2: After you back-up information from your flash drive and after you download the installer just plug your drive and run the Wizard. You will see this message in case that your drive cannot be upgraded. In all other cases you will be prompted once again to make a copy of your files. That's because we care and we believe that your information is valuable.

Initialization Wizard - Beginning...

Step 3: Set the size of partitions and the attributes of the public partition.


Step 4: Set the password and confirm it.


Step 5: Formatting. It may take some time. Please DO NOT UNPLUG your drive before the process is complete.


Step 6: Enter your personal info. You are not obliged to leave your contact information, but it can aid in recovery if someone finds your drive.


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