ViruSense - autorun viruses detector

Drive Doctor allows additional protection of your drive and your computer from viruses infection by enabling the Virusense feature.

Virusense detects if the Autorun.inf was modified since the last time it was launched, which is usually asociated with virus infection, and shows corresponding warning.

Launch CodySafe Control Panel (Click CodySafe icon CodySafe Icon in system tray and click "Options")

Click Drive Doctor

Enable ViruSense

  1. Select "Enable autorun viruses detection (ViruSense)" checkbox
  2. If "Enable Real-Time Monitoring" option is enabled CodySafe will notice you immediately on any modification of "Autorun.inf" file. If disbled - you'll be noticed about the changes on next CodySafe launch.
  3. Click "OK" to save changes.


If the Drive Doctor detects that the Autorun.inf file was modified the following warning will appear next time you apply to CodySafe.

ViruSense Warning


In case that you were the one who edited Autorun.inf file or you know for sure that it was not modified by virus you can simply click the “Accept changes and continue” button and use your device for your satisfaction till the next time you see this alert.

If you are unsure we recommend closing CodySafe immediatelyand taking urgent measures, like complete scan for viruses of your portable drive and your computer.

This useful feature will prevent wider spread of viruses and will make your portable life much safer.