CodySafe Solid Crypto Highlights

Ultimate protection

Have you ever thought of having the ultimate protection for your information?

Secure all your data
with AES256-bit
hardware encryption
Of course you have, especially if you have sensitive files and you need to carry them from one place to another.
You don't want anybody to see your information. And you need to be sure that nobody ever uses your data if your drive goes missing. Well, your dream comes true with CodySafe Solid Crypto. It grants safety to your information and peace of mind to you.
CodySafe Solid Crypto is a USB flash drive that encrypts every bit of stored information on-the-fly with AES-256 bit hardware encryption - the strongest protection, adopted by Financial, Military and Government Institutions. And you do not need to take any additional measures. CodySafe SC will encrypt automatically all data that is stored on it.

The risk of spying on your information passes to the history. With CodySafe Solid Crypto no one can open your files. No one but you! Only you can unlock your drive. Only you can operate your information. Only you can launch your applications.


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