Enhancing productivity

Enhancing productivity

make them work for you

  • Set applications to run automatically
  • Create scripts that run before starting CodySafe
  • Set scripts to run upon exiting an application
  • Define Hot Keys for CodySafe functions
  • Make Hot Keys for launching your favorite applications
  • Compose Hot Keys for accessing your favorite websites

Optimize your productivity! Make your life easier with CodySafe!


Are you looking for a way to enhance productivity? It is easy with CodySafe Solid Crypto, which offers useful tools to improve your computer experience and efficiency. Changes are so significant that soon you will wonder how you managed without these tools before.
  • Autorun
You may define portable apps installed on your CodySafe Solid Crypto to be automatically launched every time the device is connected and unlocked. This simple time-saving option is available from the CodySafe Control Panel
  • Hot Keys
This extremely useful tool can help every user, but the most of its benefits will be practical for Blind and partially sighted users. This tool will significantly improve their lifestyle and computer operation accessibility.
The feature allows not only control over main functions of the CodySafe Solid Crypto, but also launching of favorite portable applications and even opening favorite web pages. Just for example, you may set a “Ctrl+Shift+L” combination to lock your drive, “Ctrl+Win+T” to start Thunderbird Portable and “Ctrl+Alt+G” to launch Google Translate page in your default browser. Setting these Hot Keys is very simple. All you need to do is to open the Control Panel of your CodySafe Solid Crypto.
  • Pre- and Post- Operation scripts
May become a very useful feature for every user concerned about security. You may set scripts to run before starting and on closing of CodySafe Solid Crypto applications menu, for example, a script that will delete all temporary files, cookies and browsing history every time you close the CodySafe Solid Crypto menu after using it on specified computers.
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