Keep your drive healthy with Drive Doctor

Drive Doctor
Drive Doctor

keeps your drive healthy

  • Prevents data loss on your  drive
  • Scans your drive for errors
  • Schedules test
  • Automatically fixes errors  on disk

Do not risk! If your information is valuable, take a good care of it!
Keep your data safe on CodySafe with Drive Doctor!

Drive Doctor

Prevention of data loss is one of the highest priorities of CodySafe solutions. The Drive Doctor, one of the essential features of CodySafe Solid Crypto will prevent losses of data caused by memory corruption. It will keep your portable drive healthy and your files safe.

The flash memory is known for its unpredictable data corruption. Periodical inspection of file system can save your information. A simple routine of scanning of the drive file system and memory shall be performed periodically for every flash drive, especially  for encrypted flash drives like CodySafe Solid Crypto. However, most of the users do not take into account the high importance of this measure.

Drive Doctor performs an instant scanning of the drive for errors or runs periodical drive check. In its settings you may schedule scanning for every X connections of your device. You may setup automatically errors fixing and bad sectors location in the scanning options of the Drive Doctor.

It is simple yet extremely important measure you have to take if you care about your information.

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