Explore the world of portability

Portable Applications menu
Powerful and Simple

Path for Portability

  • Carry your favourite applications with you
  • Run applications on any PC with no need of installation
  • Leave no footprint on a host computer
  • Add, remove and manage portable apps with ease
  • Set custom command line arguments
  • Set applications Autorun

Get the best in the industry menu system with CodySafe

Beyond portability

Portable drives offer their users an ability to run applications directly from your encrypted flash drive with no need of installation, which is one of the most significant advantages granted by portability. Many portable applications are available today.

CodySafe Solid Crypto offers you the most convenient and easy way to add and manage your portable apps. The nice looking menu allows easy access to applications, which are ranked according to the frequency of use. You can organize your programs, group them and create custom categories

CodySafe Solid Crypto allows you adding lots of free portable apps from our website. The installer specially designed for each application will install it directly on your portable drive, add the application to the menu, set the application category, organize it and allow one-click launching or automatic execution of the portable application.

You can always get more free portable applications with the Apps Depot - the new feature that integrates CodySafe with unlimited capabilities of the Internet, granting instant access to online catalog of portable apps.

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