ViruSense - detect and prevent virus infection

Get CodySafe with ViruSense

detects autorun viruses

  • Detect virus activity
  • Stop viruses distribution
  • Real-time monitoring
  • No installation, no updates, no configuration...


The AutoRun viruses appeared to be the main threat for user’s computers over the last months . These viruses are transmitted from one PC to another on a USB flash drive. When infecting a USB flash drive, the virus modifies Autorun.ini. This file along with other information usually defines a program or script that will be executed automatically when drive is mounted. Of course, the virus adds its scripts into Autorun.inf. Therefore early detection of infection can prevent transmission of viruses.

ViruSense™ is an integrated security feature of CodySafe Solid Crypto. ViruSense detects that your Autorun.inf file was modified, which in most cases is the evidence of virus activity. It will alert you immediately, and will recommend taking urgent measures. It is worth scanning your computer and your CodySafe for viruses with an antivirus program immediately when you see ViruSense alert.

This will probably not prevent the infection of CodySafe Solid Crypto though; if you see this alert your drive is likely to be already infected. But ViruSense will inform you and prevent transmission of viruses to other computers.
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