Uninstall CodySafe Protect

Just in case you are not happy with CodySafe Protect, you can remove it from your drive and restore the default state of your flash drive. Please follow Instructions for removal of CodySafe Protect Beta:

Step 1: Download CodySafe Protect Uninstaller.
Close all applications running from the target drive as well as all applications that may use files on that drive (including Windows Explorer)

Step 2: Plug your drive and run the Wizard.

Uninstall Wizard

Step 3: Wait while uninstaller prepare your drive

Uninstall Wizard - Formating

Step 4: Click Finish to close the Wizard

Uninstall Wizard - Finish

Step 5: Re-connect your drive.

We will be grateful if you send us your feedback and explain why did you decide to remove CodySafe Protect.

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